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Office Continuity Solutions

Office Continuity Solutions

A major disaster is the last thing you want to face unprepared! When it happens, you are faced with figuring out a way to keep your business operational. Office Continuity is about more than just computers and information systems. Disasters can take many forms, and Office Continuity is about what happens to your "brick and mortar" business in the event of a devastating natural or unnatural disaster.

What The Experts Say:

1. In a survey conducted of more than 200 small businesses, 25% of small businesses admitted that they do a "poor" job, or have no strategy at all, when it comes to implementing a formal disaster recovery plan, and 17 percent of companies admitted that they have NO formal disaster recovery plan AT ALL!. (Imation)

2. 43% of businesses that sustain a major disaster never reopen due to inadequate preparation. (Wall Street Journal)

3. The average hourly revenue lost from downtime is $78,000 and 355 worker hours are lost for each hour of unscheduled downtime (Disaster Recovery Journal)

Fraustrated with Tapes? Need Office Continuity Services?

Developing an Office Continuity contingency plan that is effective and works is a MUST for every business to survive a catastrophic event. Office Continuity should be an ongoing, routine component of Disaster Recovery planning, Business Continuity planning and operations planning. An effective Office Continuity Plan should covers all the facets of business operations including but not limited to personnel, facilities, customers, business functions, assets and records. In a nutshell, your goal is to develop a direct, uncomplicated approach to resuming business operations in the event of a disaster.

Office Continuity Service

This service is designed to help you resume office-related business processes following a disaster. 4Service's Office Continuity Service includes the following features:

  • Strategic Locations in Southern California

  • Fully Furnished Office Equipped with desks, chairs and telephones
    Video Conferencing Equipment
    • Shipping Services
    • Copier
    • Fax

  • Pre-wired Office Stations
    • Voice and data connectivity for telephones and workstations
    • High Speed Internet Access with a dedicated IP address

  • 24x7x365 Key-Card access to Office Continuity Center

  • Comprehensive Technical Support - 24x7x365 professional staff

4Service has established itself as a leader in Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery Strategies, Real-Time Data Protection and Offsite Storage, and is one of the few companies that can protect everything from workstations to servers to clusters to Windows Powered NAS environments.

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