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Data Centers in Los Angeles and Las Vegas

4Service, Inc. is the Cadillac provider of Server Colocation and Managed Server Colocation Services in Los Angeles, Ventura County and throughout Southern California. Colocation hosting provides an opportunity for your organization to house servers in one of 4Service, Inc.’s Data Centers and take advantage of our Nonstop Internet, namely the large of amounts of redundant power, bandwidth and security that we provide.

4Service, Inc. customers faced with the dilemma of building their own data centers save a lot of time and money by hosting their servers in one of our Colocation facilities. We take on the responsibility of managing the facilities so you can focus on your business.

4Service, Inc.’s commitment to Nonstop Internet means that we are responsible for supplying a data center that makes your servers available to the Internet 24/7/365. We achieve this with:

  • 8 Tier-One Backbone Providers under one roof (Intelligent Routing)
  • High Capacity Fiber Optic Sonet Ring Network
  • Cisco Switches & Routers
  • Strong SLA’s with 99.99% Uptime guarantee in writing
  • Redundant Back up Power
  • 24-hour Monitoring by Network Operations Center
  • Pro-Active Support Service

Our server colocation facilities provide a Nonstop safe and secure environment to support and maintain your web sites, databases, email severs and other mission critical applications.

The majority of our customers choose to take responsibility for providing their own software, content and maintenance for their servers, but customer demand has also caused us to develop a managed server program. As part of the managed server program, 4Service, Inc. will procure, set up and maintain a server for your organization, giving you the necessary access so you can use it to meet your business needs.

We take our commitment to Nonstop Support and Nonstop People just as seriously as our Nonstop Internet in our data centers. Most commonly, our support staff is tasked with handling reboots and cabling changes, but we offer a full-service “virtual hands” program to help our customers that are unable to visit the colocation facility or need urgent assistance. Our virtual hands customers must have confidence in our technicians to be able to properly operate their equipment, so we make sure that we only have trained and highly-certified technicians that will provide highest-quality service.

What is a Colocation Centre?

A colocation centre (collocation center hosting facility) ("colo") or carrier hotel is a type of data center where multiple customers locate network, server and storage gear and interconnect to a variety of telecommunications and other network service provider(s) with a minimum of cost and complexity.

Increasingly organizations are recognizing the benefits of colocating their mission-critical equipment within a data centre. Colocation is becoming popular because of the time and cost savings a company can realize as result of using shared data centre infrastructure. Significant benefits of scale (large power and mechanical systems) result in large colocation facilities, typically 4500 to 9500 square metres (roughly 50000 to 100000 square feet). With IT and communications facilities in safe, secure hands, telecommunications, internet, ASP and content providers, as well as enterprises, enjoy less latency and the freedom to focus on their core business.

Additionally, customers reduce their traffic back-haul costs and free up their internal networks for other uses. Moreover, by outsourcing network traffic to a colocation service provider with greater bandwidth capacity, web site access speeds should improve considerably.

Major types of customers are:

  • Web commerce companies (Web Hosting), who use the facilities for a safe environment and cost-effective, redundant connections to the Internet

  • Major enterprises, who use the facility for disaster avoidance, offsite data backup and business continuity

  • Telecommunication companies, who use the facilities to interexchange traffic with other telecommunications companies and access to potential clients

4Service's Disaster Recovery Solutions, Real-Time Data Protection, Business Continuity Planning and Offsite Data Storage solutions: " No Recovery Strategy = No Data " ™. For service specific and other related information, please contact us



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