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As a leading Disaster Recovery Service provider, we believe that important data must be backed up and stored offsite in a secured location where it can be prevented from a natural disaster. This is excellent business planning and must be followed at all times. This process of moving data to an offsite location is also termed as vaulting and it helps in reducing any kind of damage to the critical data from fire, earthquakes, flood, viruses etc.

We also highly recommend that archive tapes must be stored according to the archive temperature and humidity specifications provided by the manufacturer. This greatly increases the chances to achieve the life expectancy of the media. It is very important that any Off-site Data Protection center must meet the specified conditions and temperature levels so that you can still recover your data after many years in the storage.

4Service.com not only meets but exceeds environmental storage standards in its Offsite data storage facility. We also do periodic inspections to make sure that there is no damage or risk to any of the vaulted media.

Keeping a duplicate copy of the archived tapes at different geographical locations is essential to protect the data from any natural disaster which can effect an entire area.

Another very important and highly recommended practice is to have an Offsite data storage service provider regularly come on site to remove backup sets for remote storage and return other media sets for re-introduction to the backup rotation.

Last but not the least, is to make sure that all the backup copies have the operating platform, recovery software and all other applications that were originally used by the company.

4Service's Off-site Data Storage for the Los Angeles and Orange County area assures a secure and reliable backup plan that not only reduces the burden on your staff but also

  • Maximizes your recovery reliability
  • Supplements the fast recovery of data in an event of natural disaster
  • Minimizes burden on the administrative and management team

4Service's Off site Data Storage facility is located in Agoura Hills and we also have a facility in Las Vegas.