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Superior Data Protections

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It’s a Managed solution, so we provide all the equipment, labor and rotate the data offsite for one monthly fee.

Backing up your mission-critical information is easy and affordable with the newest, most reliable backup solution: Disk Based Backup. When your business depends on your data, relying on tapes alone can be dangerous. Tapes require constant oversight and upkeep, and their fragility and susceptibility to the elements compromises the protection of your essential information. In many cases, data isn’t restored perfectly or is permanently lost.

Enter the new age of disk based backup and discover superior Real Time Data Protection. Your data will thank you.

Reliable Protection

If you’re currently using tapes as backup, you know that tapes are far from full-proof protection. Magnetic tapes of any kind can be fragile and vulnerable to dirt, heat and other outside factors. Some experts even estimate that 25% to 50% of tape restorations fail, at least partially. Disks, meanwhile, are more durable, last longer and hold up to more frequent overwriting. Protected inside sealed cases, they are highly resistant to the external threats that can compromise your data’s safety.

Hassle-Free Use

The considerable time and effort spent on tape backups is time better put toward your business. With disk-based backup, you eliminate all the tape rotation, cleaning and retensioning of cartridges, buying new tapes every 6 - 9 months, and the daunting task of constant labeling and organizing. Disk-based backup truly is hassle-free protection and Disaster Recovery Solution, plus its format ensures much faster performance.


Consider the expense to your business of your current tape backup system. Your time is money, and constant upkeep and restoration of tapes can put a strain on your business. Switching to disk-based backup with 4Service is the inexpensive, sensible solution. You’ll get superior protection from a trusted name in the industry, and for a fraction of the cost of the other companies! Starting at just $299month, you can’t afford to not be protected.

Adding Disk Based Backup to your Existing Tape-Based System

If it isn’t feasible to replace all of your current tape backup system with disk-based backup, we have solutions for that, too. Our disk-based backup can be used in conjunction with your existing system to create a more effective backup solution. If your business depends on your data, multiple backups are more necessity than extra precaution.

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