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It’s time to update your solution – and your provider.  4Service specializes in Fully Managed Backup Solutions, Offsite Data Storage and Disaster Recovery Services. 

We’ll take your backup protection into the 21st century with a state-of-the-art, customized solution that secures the data and infrastructure you can’t afford to lose.  You choose the level of protection; we’ll do the rest.  Our service is unbeatable, and our security is top-rated. 


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Online Data Backups

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- Nightly backups of your data sent offsite daily

- Your data stored offsite at a secure location

- Gets your business back online in 3 - 7 days

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Server Backups with Offsite Storage & Restoration

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- Local nightly file level & snapshot backups of your servers sent offsite several times a day

- Copies of your servers stored offsite at a secure location and no more tapes!

- Complete restoration of your server’s OS, applications and data to our standby servers

- Gets your business back online within 4 - 48 hours

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Real-Time Replication with Failover Option

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- Continuous backups of your data sent offsite in real-time to target copies of your servers

- Offsite target servers take over the moment your source servers fail

- Target servers are failed back after your source servers are restored

- Gets your business back online in minutes

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4Service's Disaster Recovery Solutions, Real-Time Data Protection, Business Continuity Planning and Offsite Data Storage solutions: " No Recovery Strategy = No Data " ™. For service specific and other related information, please contact us.



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