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Are you tired of all the problems your backup cause? Do you understand what form of backup you actually need?

90% of companies go out of business within 2 years when they don't have their data backed up.

You know you need a high-quality backup solution.  Today’s threats are ever-present – hackers, computer viruses, power failures, fire water or other natural disasters – and small to medium-sized businesses are most vulnerable to these external threats.  So a critical component of any business continuity strategy is a well-designed backup solution.  You need it to protect against data loss, maximize your recovery reliability and minimize the burden on your administrative and management team.  

The problem is, most people are confused about or fed up with their backups… and for good reason.  For one, many companies (and their IT people too!) are stuck on outdated backup formats like tapes which require constant oversight and upkeep, not to mention their susceptibility to the elements which compromises the integrity of your essential information.  For another, most other storage/recovery/backup companies charge outrageous amounts for a straightforward service that shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Moreover, since you’re not in the business of data protection, the flurry of options out there can be easily perplexing.   

Now, backing up your mission-critical information is easy and affordable with the most advanced and reliable backup solutions from 4Service. It’s time to take your backups into the 21st century with a totally customized, truly hassle-free backup strategy. At 4Service, we come to your location, perform a full analysis of your existing backup plan and infrastructure, then design a custom backup solution that securely and efficiently backs up your company’s IT infrastructure and vital electronic information.

Backup Solutions that are…

·         Automated

·         Hassle-free

·         Streamlined

·         Efficient

·         Integrated with today’s IT environment

Most importantly, our solutions offer a fully automated feature, making it easier than ever to take backups off your hands once and for all.  With minimal employee time and resources going to your backups, you can redirect your focus where it should be – on your core business – as well as realize significant cost savings.  With a 4Service backup plan, you’ll also substantially reduce your capital outlay because we provide everything – there’s no software, hardware or equipment to buy!  Additionally, your streamlined solution will be efficient and integrate seamlessly with today’s IT environment.    

Because 4Service is synonymous with first-class service, we specialize in getting to know our customers and working with you one-on-one to design anything from a low-end to high-end solution that fits your budget yet still delivers unbeatable protection. We also don’t take any chances.  To maximize your data and system security, we always build in a second backup solution so you are truly covered against all potentialities. 

Put your backup worries in 4Service’s hands and sleep better at night, knowing that your backups are finally working like they’re supposed to.

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