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Server Imaging

Server Imaging - Image your server the Cost effective way with 4service Server Imaging Solution

Server Imaging

Server Imaging: A Cost-effective Solution - "We provide all the software and hardware to do this. It’s a managed solution."

Disasters are bound to occur. Your company's response to attacks by hackers, computer viruses, power failures, and natural disasters is directly proportional to your preparation level. Mission-critical information must be backed up and stored in a secure location, safe from site-level disasters

By means of our proprietary Server Imaging process, 4Service can create an exact image of your live systems for complete backups that provide the most comprehensive data protection.

This image file includes ALL the system's data including the operating system, programs, software updates, patches, mission critical data files, configurations, settings, e-mails and many others.

After a fatal system failure, you can restore the entire server contents to a known, working state or simply replace the lost or corrupted files and folders.

Based on the exclusive Server Imaging process, 4Service creates a live system disk image without shutting down your server. Your company remains productive as the server image is created, effectively reducing downtime and the associated costs that are incurred in server imaging processes that can't be performed "online".


Our Server Imaging process is the most convenient and intuitive disk imaging, backup and recovery solution available. Period.

Incremental Backups:

After creating a comprehensive server image, our Server Imaging solution allows you the unique capability, saving time and storage space, to create incremental backup images. This assures that you always have a comprehensive server image. The Server Imaging process simply adds all the latest changes to your original server image, reducing storage capacity requirements.

Unlike other backup solutions that only copies some files, Server Imaging creates a complete image of your server or other critical computer, including operating system, boot records, applications, application data, user data files and all other information stored on the computer, even files that are currently in use. With Server Imaging, you'll never have to worry about extensive data loss or performing time consuming re-installations.

We combine industry-specific knowledge, management and technical expertise to provide our clients unsurpassed Disaster Recovery Solutions, Real Time Data Protection, Business Continuity Planning and Offsite Data Storage solutions. Our depth of experience places us in the unique position to service a variety of industries.