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When downtime is NOT an option

The 4Service Server Replication Service increases the reliability and performance for your company's servers and other mission critical data warehouses. 4Service, at your discretion, can provide standby servers that maintain redundant data storage and eliminate the storage system as a single point of failure. We have servers located in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Agoura Hills.

Our Server Replication Service utilizes cutting-edge technology that is a step forward in high-availability and data replication. This process involves continuously capturing and replicating data changes on user selected files or entire volumes from one or more source servers, to one or more destination servers over standard network connections. For instance, with our Exchange Disaster Recovery process, your business can rapidly recover e-mail, calendars and other critical data after a disaster or a system outage, with or without user intervention or the time and complexities of restoring from tape.

Companies with high-availability requirements must protect against planned and unplanned downtimes. Planned outages include system maintenance, software and operating system upgrades, and some backup scenarios. Unplanned outages include system and hardware failures. 4Service's Server Replication Service includes benefits such as:

Real-time Replication and Distribution

Host-based, Real Time Replication and distribution across distinct physical storages without geographic limitations.

Automatic failover for uninterrupted service

Fast, transparent Server Failover of byte level changes as they occur over any shared or private IP-based network [LAN, WAN, SAN], insuring that data changes can be protected almost immediately and that "up to date" information can be made available in an instant if necessary.

Application protection

Real-time and on-demand protection for a wide range of enterprise applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL.

Investment protection

Operates on your existing server and storage platforms, with little or no capital expenses associated with acquiring new hardware.

Highest level of protection at the lowest cost with an accelerated return on investment

Extensive functionality that is usually offered only in high-end products, at a much lower entry price point. In most business critical environments, the Server Replication Service will pay for itself within months.

4Service's Disaster Recovery Solutions, Real-Time Data Protection, Business Continuity Planning and Offsite Data Storage solutions: " No Recovery Strategy = No Data " ™. For service specific and other related information, please contact us.



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